The Aftermath Atlas is presented as a “publishers preview” of a future book written in 2075. It details the startling discovery, made in the early 2070s, that Landsats 18 and 19 – a pair of Earth observation satellites powered by sophisticated machine learning architectures – have been producing spontaneous compositions of visual art and poetry outside of their respective mission taskings. This preview showcases a selection of these compositions, alongside an introductory essay that contextualises their origins and highlights their conceptual significance for navigating the extreme challenges of life on a profoundly damaged future Earth.

The Aftermath Atlas was produced especially for the Spring 2022 After Progress exhibition. The exhibition aims to showcase stories and artworks that depict visions of a world that have rejected the pervasive, perennial narratives of social, technical, and economic “progress” that characterise our contemporary environment, presenting instead an array of alternative imaginaries.

The Aftermath Atlas used to be hosted at However, it can now be viewed either clicking on the book spread below, or through this link. Please note it is a large file, and may take some time to download.