Funded Research

  • Co-Investigator: “Droned Life: Data, Narrative, and the Aesthetics of Worldmaking” (UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, PI Dr. Beryl Pong, Centre for Drones and Culture, Cambridge). Working in partnership with the Imperial War Museum Institute, Drone Wars UK, and Human Studio Limited, the project is creating dialogues between public and industry stakeholders in the drone world, creating research-led artworks (to be exhibited in spaces such as the Imperial War Museum) that explore the relationships between drone technology and society.
  • Co-Investigator: “Museum Visitor Experience and the Responsible Use of AI to Communicate Colonial Collections” (AHRC BRAID, PI Dr. Joanna Tidy, Sheffield). Working with Leeds Royal Armouries to scope the attitudes of public and industry stakeholders towards AI technologies, exploring their potential to be applied thoughtfully and responsibly to help investigate and ultimately communicate the colonial histories threaded throughout the Armouries’ collection.



Book Chapters


  • Carter, R. “Drone Poetry”. Ambient Stories: Digital Writing in Place. Ed. Amy Spencer. Bloomsbury.
  • Carter, R. “Speculative Visions—Drones, Digital Art, and Ecological Concerns”. Drones in Society: New Visual Aesthetics. Ed. Elisa Serafinelli. Palgrave.


Journal Articles

Articles (non-refereed)

Proceedings (refereed)

Research Practice

This section details specific works that have been published standalone and excludes those created for exhibitions.

Artist’s Books

Anthologies and Journals

Digital Interactives

Academic Presentations

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Public Engagement

Media Coverage

Invited Public Talks

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  • Carter, R. 2023. Invited: “Waveform”. Wait, this is Poetry? The Common Press, November 2023.
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