The Landsat Reverie was a piece made for the zinesindarktimes project by artist and author Joanna Walsh.

In this piece, historical image data from the Multispectral Scanner (MSS) carried by the Landsat 1 satellite is parsed by a contemporary machine vision algorithm, which translates the observed patterns into concrete visual poems – drawing on a vocabulary derived from the official Landsat online glossary.

This piece was inspired by various decadal anniversaries in the development of the NASA-USGS Landsat programme, the 50th ‘Earth Day’ celebrations, and reflections on how their histories intersect with the contemporary COVID19 crisis. It represents the latest in a series of efforts, beginning with the Waveform project, to reimagine what electronic sensory mappings of the world might begin to resemble if deployed not in the spirit of utility, but as part of a bid to actualise new ways of seeing and thinking about the world.

Example plates from The Landsat Reverie.