Signals is a collection of algebraic poems written in Lincos, the mathematical language designed for communicating with extra-terrestrial intelligences, and these are accompanied by exoplanet search imagery derived from Kepler telescope data.

Lincos itself was formulated by Hans Freudenthal in 1960, and is less a fully formed language, than a set of principles for using mathematics to communicate information concerning both scientific understandings of the observable world, and also for expressing insights into human behaviour and life on Earth more broadly. Freudenthal chose these foundations on the premise that a grasp of numerical relations were the only likely point of shared understanding between human and extra-terrestrial intelligences.

Each poem in the collection is depicted using an adaptation of a noise-resistant graphical alphabet designed in 1999 by astrophysicists Yvan Dutil and St├ęphane Dumas, which they used for their own Lincos radio message to the cosmos. A Latin rendering of each poem is included at the back, to aid reader decipherment.

Example plates from Signals.