Academic Publications


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Academic Presentations and Public Engagement


Invited Paper Presentation. “Atmospheric Textualities”. ELO 2023 Conference and Media Arts Show. University of Coimbra, July 2023.


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Invited Public Presentation: “Signals”. Guillemot Press Book Launch.


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Invited Public Lecture: “Arts of the Datacene: Sensing and Narrating a Technogenic Future”. Curating Art and Nature: The Knowledge of the Curator III, University of Groningen, June 2021. See:

Pedagogy Presentation: “Developing Project-based Assessments on the Roehampton BA Digital Media Programme”. Co-presentation with Dr. Federica Frabetti. Learning and Teaching Festival, University of Roehampton, June 2021.

Paper Presentation: “Executable Landscapes: Speculative Platforms for Ecological E-Literature”. ELO 2021: Platform (Post?) Pandemic, May 2021. See: and video here.

Invited Public Presentation: “Algorithms, Waveforms, and Orbital Reveries”. Runnymede Literary Festival, March 2021. See:

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Artistic Publications and Exhibitions


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