Orbital Reveries is an artistic project in which terrestrial satellite imagery is processed using computer vision algorithms to generate topological, lexical poems— characterised as ‘textscapes’. In parsing technoscientific data into speculative artworks, this project follows the conjectures of several theorists concerning the potential for alternative modes of sensory practice, with the specific aim of reworking the datafied paradigms through which a changing planetary environment is measured and mapped.

A two page book spread
Opening essay
Illustration plates
Diptych plate


Orbital Reveries grew originally out of the zine The Landsat Reverie, that was made for the zinesindarktimes project by Joanna Walsh. It has been published across different venues and channels over recent years (listed below), and, in July 2022, was compiled as a full-length artist’s book.

In October 2021, Orbital Reveries (series #5) was featured in Poetrishy , Edition 1. Available here.

In September 2021, Orbital Reveries (series #4) was detailed in a creative-critical essay for the journal The Digital Review. Available here.

In May 2021, two pieces from Orbital Reveries (series #3) feature in the anthology The Mouth of a Lion by Steel Incisors press. Available here.

In December 2020, an adapted piece from Orbital Reveries (series #3) was published in Streetcake Magazine. 70, Part 1. Available here.

In November 2020, three pieces from Orbital Reveries (series #2) were included in the poetry anthology Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology by Crested Tit Collective. Available here. Review by Andrea Mason here.

In May 2020, two pieces from Orbital Reveries (series #1) were included in the Mellom Press online exhibition Trånslatiøns.