Airborne Inscription: Writing with Drones, British Computer Society, July 2018. Delivering as part of EVA 2018, this paper is an update on one presented originally in 2017, providing another exposition of the Waveform drone poetry project, focusing on its engagement with narratives of environmental sensing in the Anthropocene.

Reading the Waveform: Deterritorializing the Sensory, Aalborg University, May 2018. Delivered as part of the Politics of the Machines: Art and After conference, associated with EVA Copenhagen, this paper is an update on one presented originally in 2017, examining the Waveform drone poetry project through its engagement with modern sensory practices.

But There is No Land Near the End, Glasgow School of Art, March 2018. A launch event held by A+E Collective for the publication of the same name, showcasing the work of over twenty internationally based contemporary artists, poets, and writers whose practices engage with ecological questions. Both the publication and the event were named after a poem included within the Waveform collection.


Aeroculture: Writing the Nonhuman in the Anthropocene, Bath Spa University, July 2017. Delivered as part of MIX 2017 “Writing Digital” conference, this paper presented an initial overview of the theoretical and technical aspects behind the Waveform drone poetry project.

Reading the Waveform: Deterritorializing the Sensory in Drone based Arts Practice, Goldsmiths, University of London, June 2017. Delivered as part of the MeCCSA PGN Conference 2017 “Borders & Boundaries: Territories, Technologies, Transgressions”, this paper presented an overview of the Waveform drone poetry project, focusong in its subversion of digital sensory practices oriented around surveillance and pre-emptive control.

Enacting the Nonhuman Eye: Digital Visualisation as Performative Knowledge-Making Practice, Kings College London, May 2017. Delivered as part of the “New Perspectives in Digital Humanities” conference, exploring visualisation and visual thinking, this paper considered the act of data visualisation as making visible the performative networks of human and nonhuman actors involved in the crystallisation and stratification of all knowledge – a sharing of interpretative agency and authority between human and machine.


Voices of the Machine: Adventures in Digital Storytelling, University of Exeter, July 2016. Delivered a seminar on the evolution of digital storytelling technologies and techniques over the past sixty years, illustrated with live demonstrations of historical and contemporary software art – ranging from the earliest, playful experiments in computer text generation, to the very latest works of electronic literature.

Digital Literature & The Entanglements of Network Agency, University College London, March 2016. Delivered as part of “Looking for Agency: The Politics of the Material and Beyond” conference, exploring how digital literary texts model the intersection of human and machinic agency, as this manifests in the practices and politics of contemporary knowledge production and representation.


Entanglements and Interventions: Exploring the Digital World through Art, London Barbican, November 2015. A pop-up exhibition exploring the performative intersection of art, technology, and creativity in furthering academic practice. Showcased a series of canvases meditating on the cultural assumptions built into the functional structures of digital systems, and provided an introductory talk considering the pedagogical value of art for evaluating the contemporary digital environment. Exhibition held in association with the “Kinesis and Stasis” ‘un-conference’ run by the TECHNE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership.

Defining the Digital Arts: A Case Study in Digital Literature, King’s College London, June 2015. Presented a poster display at the first early career researcher conference in Digital Arts and Humanities at King’s College London, “Blue Skies Above, Solid Ground Below: Innovation and Sustainability in Digital Humanities”.

Wor(l)ds in Collision – Art, Poetry, and Wittgenstein, Exeter, June 2015. Contributed digital art prints to an exhibition of literary artworks that intersect with the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein.


The Long Goodbye: A Conversation across a Century, Exeter, August 2014. Contributed digital art prints to a commemorative exhibition marking the centenary of the start of the First World War. Provided an introductory talk at the public opening related to the work exhibited, exploring the relations between Morse telegraphy and modern digital communications.

God’s Eye View: The Digital Earth From Orbit, University of Exeter, September 2014. Delivered as part of the “Green Connections: Environmental Response & the Arts” conference, this paper explored the iconography of the ‘Whole Earth’ for the modern environmental movement, and effectively served as a companion to a paper delivered the previous month at “Cosmographies”.

Data Space: Discovering the Digital Cosmos, Falmouth University, July 2014. Delivered as part of the “Cosmographies” conference, this paper examined the communications networks that bring images of the cosmos within the domain of digital experience.