Richard A Carter is an academic and digital artist based in the United Kingdom. He is an Associate Lecturer in Digital Culture at the University of York. His subject interests encompass Digital Culture and Aesthetics (interactive and transmedia storytelling; electronic literature; digital art, gaming, and simulation), Critical Theory (science and technology studies; software studies; media archaeology), Creative Coding and Digital Design (HTML, XML, Java, Processing).

Richard’s current research is on understanding the modes by which human and nonhuman agencies come together in works of digital art and literature, considering what this reveals concerning the creation and communication of knowledge across digital activities, artefacts, and infrastructures more generally. His artistic practice represents an extension of this research, and is concerned especially with developing techniques of writing that, at various levels, enact and interrogate issues concerning meaning-making in an age of proliferating machine communication.

Richard can be contacted at or via Twitter @RichardACarter2.

Academic Bio

As an undergraduate, Richard studied BA English with Media at University College Falmouth, graduating in 2010 with First Class honours. He pursued subsequently a Master’s in English at the University of Exeter, specialising in Criticism and Theory, and graduated from this with Distinction in 2011.

It was during his Master’s that Richard began exploring the varying relations between computing technology, creative expression, and nonhuman agency as these manifest within the context of ‘digital’ or ‘electronic’ works of literature – making this the subject of his final dissertation. In 2012 Richard was awarded an AHRC doctoral studentship in Science, Technology, and Culture to develop his research on this topic for his PhD thesis, “Textual Entanglements: A Performative Approach towards Digital Literature”, supervised by Prof. Regenia Gagnier (Exeter), Prof. Laura Salisbury (Exeter), and Dr. Matt Hayler (Birmingham). In April 2016 Richard passed his viva voce, examined by Prof. N. Katherine Hayles (Duke) and Prof. Gabriella Giannachi (Exeter).

Throughout his time on the PhD, Richard undertook numerous professional appointments at the University of Exeter, serving in both research and teaching roles, as well as managing conference events, public exhibitions, and producing consultations on academic impact. His professional profile can be found here.

Richard is currently lecturing on the BSc Interactive Media degree at the University of York, in the department of Theatre, Film, and Television – convening and delivering modules across all three years of the taught programme, including “Gaming: Industry and Culture”, “Interactive Media and Society”, and “Digital Culture and Storytelling”. He also supervises both individual and group student projects.